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April 03 2016


Leather Notebooks - Sophisticated Gifts To your Business Friends


Trying to find a sophisticated yet stylish gift for your business friend, colleague or boss this Christmas? And you really are not able to decide, things to gift and what not to? How about leather note books? Leather note books will really be a sophisticated gift for the business person and it will be very helpful for him/ her too. You can choose from a variety of leather note books to provide them as gift. On this page, we will discuss about various it.

kraft brown notebook
A turquoise leather note-book with twig: This beautiful leather notebook is often a leather cord bound notebook. Its cover is made from a soft turquoise deer skin and handmade paper cover sheets.The inner pages are simple white and the back cover consists of wood. To give it a much more stylish look, it features a twig that is bound into a spine that is highlighted with metal engine parts. In order to make swirl patterns, you will find there's thermostat coil from a dump truck that is branded into a leather cover. Besides this, you can avail this leather note- book in other colours too. Presenting this gift in your clients will surely make an impression them.

Refillable leather note-book using a handle: This refillable leather note book is bound along with the screw posts as a way to refill it over and over again. It has blank acid- free pages, which makes them a perfect guest book, journal or perhaps a sketchbook. It has gold suede leather, which has been branded with a thermostat coil in order to make swirl patterns about it. It also includes a leather page maker, rendering it even more impressive as well as a great gift being presented. But what is the most attractive feature with this note book? It does not take handle of it. The note book's handle comprises of copper and brass, that allows it to carry easily and utilise as ornament wall hanging. It features a back cover which is made up of wood and made by hand paper cover sheets.

Quitted leather notebook: This really is another type of note book that could be presented as a gift in your employees, clients in addition to colleagues. It has a genuine quit leather cover which gives it a great look. The thing that makes this product more impressive as well as a must to gift is, its 240 premium narrow- ruled pages with gilded edges. This notebook features a ribbon page maker, which helps you to mark your pages. Besides this, what's more, it has a storage pocket within that can carry your other important documents. You can choose to gift a black quit leather note book or even a brown. Besides the above options you can even opt for a soft leather notebook, that is again a very stylish and impressive gift. Presenting your colleagues or clients with such gifts will surely make them delighted and you will easily be able to create the feeling on them.

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